eight months ago

He was adorable, and adored, particularly by me. Our 15-year anniversary would have happened in a couple weeks. We got married last April, on our 14th anniversary, and he was gone in July.

More later.

(click on the photo for the entire obit)


In other news... I'm a cartoon editor!

I'm the new Cartoon Editor of Upstater Magazine! It's a lovely, hip, snazzy, beautifullly put together little magazine, let me tell you. And I should know. I'm an upstater, myself, and I'm a contributor, and now I'm also their new Cartoon Editor! 

That's my friend Megan Offner on the cover, by the way. Read all about her, here.

Read Upstater by clicking below on the cover image.


Ken Burns' Ken Burns Ken Burns documentary cartoon

Okay, so guess who is the proud owner of this Ken Burns cartoon about a Ken Burns documentary on Ken Burns documentaries? KEN BURNS, that's who! I'm very proud. Thank you Ken Burns, for all the great documentaries, and for now owning the original drawing of this cartoon. 

You can still buy prints of it for yourself, here! Or just click on the cartoon below. 


another one

One more that I forgot about, just last week, based on a true story. I actually emailed this to the friend in the hospital who I did it for, for a laugh. I think he appreciated it.


more new stuff I forgot to post

Okay, so, here's something I did for Upstater, about how to spot a recent upstater transplant. I poke gentle fun, and I'm allowed. Why? Because at some point in time, I'm pretty sure I was each of these people:

And then there's my O+ Festival street art, which won me a weekend of free medical and dental. Thanks, O+! One more reason to be grateful to live in Kingston, NY. This is a great town. Move here, but only if you're cool, not if you're a property flipper jerk, thank you. Also, only if you don't act like you are still in Manhattan. No, "Let's go asshole" from inside your car when someone seems to be crossing the street too slowly, and no rolling of the eyes while waiting on line for your coffee at the local café if people aren't ordering quickly enough for you. You wanna be a jerk? Stay in Manhattan, where the morally defeated think their dollars and/or bitterness disguised as "grit" justify their behavior. Love you!

Here are the Martians, which were posted on walls and storefronts all over uptown Kingston, in keeping with the given theme, "The Other." This first photo is of some of my Martians posted on a boarded up storefront right across the street from an elementary school entrance/exit. I love that kids will see it every day, maybe twice a day. Maybe it'll make them think a little. I know I've always remembered a graffiti I saw on Canal Street in the 80's that I could see from the coffee shop I used to go to. It said, "Don't despair! Subvert!" And that's how I lived my life from that point on. It's my credo. 


I've put these little guys all in one link here, if you want to see just the images, and be able to read the texts. Or just click on the "Martians" link in the sidebar, then click on the title and image.

I also did some Sharpie pet portraits during the New Yorker Festival. Here's a couple, and one special one that I did for a friend who came through for me when I needed help to get to "the city" to do this gig.

This was the one I did for my friend and colleague. I used a Pilot Brush Pen for this one.