my caucus cartoon

freshly rejected by The New Yorker! thought I'd put it up for fun now. :)


(next time, we'll order in)

In this week's The New Yorker magazine, online here, in good company.


what a difference an hour makes

My cartoon in the October 10th '11 issue of The New Yorker.



(If you'd like to gift it, or a print or mug of it to your favorite late/early riser, click on the cartoon!)

Also, see if you can find my Air France cartoon in there, too! It's part of an ad. Only in the print edition, though, as far as I can tell.


The Mac who loved me

My article about my first Mac and the men behind it (left behind it, more like)! In The Hairpin.


The Evolution of Ape-Face Johnson


I performed the story of Ape-Face Johnson at Jon Friedman's Rejection Show as a narration with slidehow back in 2007, and have been meaning to do it as a written piece for years. I finally met the right editor, and it's just been published at The Hairpin, a wonderful online magazine by and for great women. It's called, "The Evolution of Ape-Face Johnson," and I think if anyone ever made fun of you in middle school (or anywhere), you'll relate. I hope you'll like it! And even if you don't, if all I've done is introduce you to The Hairpin? I'm happy!