My essay (and cover illustration) at Scratch

All about how, inspired by Cary Grant's character in "Holiday," I decided to "retire young and work old." Seriously. I did that: Do not try this at home. Did I mention I "retired" BEFORE getting a job?


Me, selling a cartoon!

On 60 Minutes! I appear a couple of times, and my sold cartoon also! Very exciting. My parents were very reassured. That's my editor, Bob Mankoff. Here's a link, in case there's trouble loading it on my page.



I won a writing contest

I won a writing contest at ToastingTheTown.com and read it for this fundraiser at the Nat Sherman Townhouse. Ten thousand dollars was raised for POTS!




my debut in Cosmo!

I did this piece for Cosmo, about how when I was younger I used to change my wardrobe to play the part of each girlfriend I was to each guy I dated. It was quite unconscious, and I only realized I did it in retrospect. What to do when you realize something like that? Well, you just write and draw about it.

Here's one look. That's a roof beam I'm dragging to my garret in Paris, for an art project.

My piece in Cosmo.


new work

My first illustration for The New York Times Sunday Book Review appeared this week (AD Nicholas Blechman), and it's a great review, so please read it, all about the "new domesticity." I am making pickles as we speak, so I knew of what I was drawing! Click on the drawing below to reach the review.

I also have had a few cartoons in The New Yorker since I last updated this site, of which I'm equally proud. Here is the latest:



There have been others, but you'll have to ask my Dad about them, he's keeping track. ;)