Photo by Michael Crawford


I'm a cartoonist (The New Yorker magazine) and illustrator from NYC. I spent 13 years in Paris, France, after graduating from Parson's School of Design with a degree in Fashion Design. In Paris, I earned a masters degree in Modern Letters and Linguistics, and got some (admittedly very idiosyncratic) chops in pre-doctoral Medieval Anthropology, which turned out to be the gateway drug to cartoons and illustration. 

My cartoons appear in The New Yorker magazine, and I do illustration and cartooning jobs freelance, as well as through the Books other cartoons appear in are: The Rejection Collection 1, and The Rejection Collection 2, and Sex and Sensibility. Some books I've illustrated include The New Vampire's Handbook, and The Power of No

I'm also Cartoon Editor of Upstater magazine, in upstate New York, in the beautiful Hudson Valley, where I now live.

My latest written and illustrated pieces appear on, here: 

I have also written illustrated pieces for Scratch magazine, and for Cosmopolitan Magazine, and in an upcoming anthology about food.

I have appeared, in person, at New Yorker Festival events, on The Rejection Show a few times, to tell the story of my life as an ugly model (Ape-Face Johnson), drawn and painted live on stage on The Steam-Powered Hour, and appeared in Joe's Pub's "Happy Endings" along with fellow cartoonists Drew Dernavich and Liza Donnelly. I'm also very proud to say that I was interviewed on NPR's Studio 360's "Aha moment" segment. 

I'm working on a book of collected, illustrated autobiographical essays, an "autobiography in essays," under the working title, "Happily Often After"  I have an agent! If you want to talk to her, I'll hook you up.

Contact by email: carolitajohnson at gmail dot com